Friday, November 19, 2010

Class Election

Hi! I'm Morpheus and I am here to talk about the Class Election. At the Class Election the final two competitors in the election are Josh and Lexi. You only get to vote for who you want to win. You get a sticker so people know you have already voted. When you are elected to win you have a vice president which helps you if you are sick or can't work and they will cover for you. Well, we have the results and the winner is... Josh congratulations!! Josh got to choose who his vice president is and it is Lexi his opponent. OK I guess that's it. By: Corey

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greenville News 11/18

1. Pittsburgh Penguins beat Vancouver Canucks 3-1. By: Jamin
2. Nancy Pelosi, a house representative, (a democrat) was made house leader. Republicans wonder why. By: Ava
3. Cigarette companies are starting to put graphic warnings on their cigarette packs to get people to quit smoking. By: Lisbeth
4. Jamestown Cub Scout pack and the girl scouts put flags in the Parklawn Cemetery on Veteran's Day. By: Hayli
5. Steeler's kicker Jeff Reed gets cut and replaced by the Cowboys kicker, Suisham. By: Tyler
6. A dairy farm fire killed 22 cows and is being investigated by state police fire marshal. By: Corey
7. Commodore Perry High School conducts a stream study at Little Shenango in Hadley. By: Cheyanne
8. GM threw a big party two years ago for its 100th birthday. By: Jayda
9. Brown's fans are starting to boo their player, Eric Wright, and want him to be either benched or kicked off the team. By: Deacon
10. Barack Obama struggles to save the nuclear weapons treaty in Russia. By: Josh
11. Steelers, wide receiver Heinz Ward is going to play on Sunday. By: Carter
12. Ohio State is trying to get a better early start on their games. By: Logan
13. Jamestown high school students are having a contest for whoever writes the best paragraph about what they would do with $250 to help people. By: Lexi
14. House democrats elected Nancy Pelosi to remain as the house leader. By: Rachael
15. Reynold's High School students served at an election poll. By: Keith
16. NFL Player's Association wants two bye weeks and bigger rosters. By: Canyon
17. Jamestown is having a light parade and float contest on Saturday, November 20 at 6:00. By: Michael
18. The FDA warns companies that make energy drinks that the caffeine mixed with the alcohol college students are drinking is unsafe and they may seize the companies and make them stop making the drinks. By: Ashley
19. On October 20, eleven students from Reynold's High School were trained to work at the polls at Mercer County Court House. By: Sierra

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veteran's Day

Door Scene

Beware of Evil! from Jan Abernethy on Vimeo.

This is Mrs. Abernethy's door scene she created for her graduate class at Wilkes University. The video stars our very own creative cougar, Lisbeth.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Morpheus and the Creative Cougars

Hi this is Morpheus and I'm here with Lexi. She introduced me to the Creative Cougars. They are so cool. They had their class election a few days ago. I like Creative Cougar. He is a stuffed cougar. He is one of my close friends, but the Creative Cougars are my friends too. They take lots of pictures of me. I like it, because I feel so famous. They did a great job for red ribbon week. We did so many cool things. They even have a website called . You can go there and even check it out because it is really cool. It has different kinds of websites on it. They are fun and you do work at the same time. You can go to that website if you just click on it. I am going to miss them a lot when I have to leave. I hope they will miss me too. I am sure they will miss me a lot, because they did so many fun things with me.
By: Lexi


Hi this is Morpheas with Brenden. We are going to talk about specials. On Monday we have Music at 1:10. Miss Burke is our music teacher. On Tuesday we have Gym at 2:30. Mr. Miller is our Gym teacher. We have gym twice a week. On Wednesday we have Art at 2:30. Miss McGranahan is our Art teacher. On Thursday we have gym again at 2:30. On Friday we have library at 1:10. Mrs. Lentz is our library teacher. This is Morpheas and Brenden. Bye!

Electoral Colleges

Hi. I am Morpheus. I came  to  Mrs.Abernethy's class. I just learned about electoral colleges. They are based on the population of a state. California has the most electoral colleges with 55. That's a lot and Texas is next.  It is odd that Texas doesn't have the most electoral college votes, because it's the biggest state. They had a class election while I was here and their votes were based on their states' electoral college votes.
That's all and this is from Morpheus .

By: Canyon

Music Class

By: Deacon

Hi my name is Morpheus. I am visiting Mrs.Abernethy's 5th grade class. On Monday afternoon we have music. It is fun. We have a battle of the Trojans where whoever is the best behaved class will get a good treat. We have a nice music teacher. Her name is Miss Burke. She even gives you your own music book.

Morpheus and the Lizards

Hi! My name is Morpheus. I am at Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougar Class. Mrs. Abernethy has lots of pets. She lives on a farm.o She has a lot of pets at school to. She has a ferret and three lizards. I like to play with the lizards. Their names are Lightning, Tornado, and Thunder. We like to pose for pitcures with Creative Cougar. The Creative Cougars take good care of the lizards. Some of the people that take care of them are Jonna, Sierra, Suzy, Lisbeth, Hayli, and Jayda. They take very good care and let the lizards pose for pictures. I have met three great friends in my adventure at Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars Class.

By: Suzy

Hi this is Morpheus and we are gonna talk about the website is the Creative Cougars website. They voted for class president on the website and picked out their animal for their Power Point. They used QuizStar for their Lit Circle Quizzes. They have a really popular website because people from around the world like Italy and China even go there! That's really cool!! You should check out

By: Tyler

Book Adventure

By: Sabrina
Hi this is Morpheus. I am talking about Book Adventure. That's where Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars take their book tests.You can earn book points by getting all them right and you will get 100%. I am going to post a picture of it. Book Adventure can help people read more books. You should check it out: Book Adventure.


Hi! I am Morpheus. I got to see all the fifth graders that are in band. It was amazing. They are professionals. I love it! I would play the trumpet because the trumpet only has three keys. Flute looks the hardest. When the whole band plays, it is really loud. The flute is the quietest. The saxophone and the trumpet are the loudest. Ms. Burke is the music, chorus, and band teacher. It was so fun!! I love band! If I come to your school show me the band room.

By: Ava


         Hi I am Morpheus. I am going to talk about art. We do a lot of stuff in art. We are drawing birds and after we are done drawing our birds we will color them with chalk.And we poked holes in fome.We have also drawn some hearts with chalk.
My friend Kristian likes art. He made this project for a literature circle project for a book he is reading called Holes. It's pretty cool, isn't it?


Hi I am Morpheus. In Mrs Abernethy's class everybody has two states. They have to study them and make a poster on them using Glogster. They have to know how many votes their states have, because they used the electoral votes in our class election. I think it is pretty cool. I can't wait to see the posters for the states. I bet they are cool.
By Keith and Morpheus


Hi, I'm Morpheus. I am visiting this fifth grade class called the Creative Cougars. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons they have gym class. They do a lot of different things such as kickball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, and baseball. Our gym teacher is Mr. Miller. It is a lot of fun.
By: Josh


Hi, I'm Morpheus. I love Mrs. A's class. On Tuesday and Friday mornings they do Stock Market Club before school. The team names are Gross, Nerf Rulers, Lasko's Army,  Patriot Pirates, Math Magicians, Oakland Raiders, Terrific Tornadoes, Flying Lizards, Wacky Warriors, Purple Zebras, Juice Boxers, Cabbage, Money Makers, Crazy Kangaroos, 3-Ninjas. Each team has $100,000 and they buy and sell stocks. I got to put in the Stocks for the Nerf Rulers. Stock Market is so much FUN!!!!
By: Jamin